Image Compression Software

Image Compression Software - ICOM

ICOM provides faster downloading of images by converting the images stored on server into ICOM compressed image format. Then the compressed ICOM images can be transferred over 2G / 3G / Wifi saving bandwidth which reduces the downloading time by 70% compared to JPEG. The ICOM compressed image is decoded using JavaScript for browsers and SDK for Android / IOS App.

ICOM provides faster image uploading by user from Mobile App / Website. Image taken by the user on phone is compressed using ICOM SDK which converts the image into ICOM format having 70% reduced size in comparison to JPEG. This ICOM image is then uploaded to server which leads to improved user experience by saving significant time in image uploading. Benefits of using compression for image uploading includes:
  • Image upload is 2 times faster from app by using compressed image.
  • Reduction in data usage of the user by 70% compared to JPEG image uploading.
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